Liam’s Winter Training Camp – Tamihi, BC

This year I decided to stay in school, get some more of this degree under my belt which put my winter training camp under a tight budget! For almost ten years the Tamihi rapids located in Chiliwack, BC was the national team training site the Canadian canoe slalom team and produced many high achievin...


Rehab Round 2

Second pop, second shot of pain, second shoulder. On Saturday February 20th, I subluxed my right shoulder during a half lengths workout here in Penrith. The experience was a déjà vu, a potential end to my 2015 season, and most importantly, a reality check. A déjà vu of course from my dislocation ten...


The Smedley Canoe Outfitting Guide | Chapter 1

Outfitting a new canoe, or changing the outfitting in a used canoe can be an extremely long process with countless hours of trial and error. For myself, feeling tight and connected to my boat is one of the most important things in order to perform in a race. I have to feel as though I’m completely a...


Cam & Liam’s 2014 || Ready for 2015

Happy New Year from the SmedleyCanoe Team! 2014 in Review Liam’s shoulder dislocation and subsequent surgery/rehab. A defining point in 2014 for our team of two. Injuries happen, they really suck, they make you question yourself, give your motivation a hit, but if you come back, you’re m...