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The time in Australia right now is 9:07 pm the 22nd of April and the night before the 2014 U23 & Junior World Championships start up here in Penrith.

It has been a hectic few weeks since the start up of our website. After arriving home from the US national team trials Cam and I dove straight into exam season. I had 7 days before I flew out to Sydney and managed to squeeze in the remainder of my assignments, 3 exams as well as move out of residence and into my new house. A busy week to say the least but ended up making it to Montreal to fly out around 6pm on the Monday the 7th.

After training for about 2 weeks on the the world championships venue here in Penrith one thing is for sure: the course is phenomenal. It is technical and consistent with more than enough options to keep you busy trying to figure everything out before the race. Training here has been beneficial to the point where, regardless of the race results, I believe this has been an invaluable training camp for me. That takes some stress out of the race to a certain extent.

It is a difficult thing to build up for one of the biggest races of the year this early in the (Canadian) paddling season. Usually the training and competition schedule for the year is designed between Cam and I and our coaches to work up to a timed climax of potential when we should be racing our best. This point is usually designed to be in our summer which makes performing to the highest potential in early spring very different than what I am used to. Preparing my body and mind this early in the season can be accomplished, but it is a challenge, and that may take a few years to overcome.

Overall I feel good in my boat and ready to race. In the end you just have to give it your best go and achieve your goals or learn from what goes wrong. You can find live results & video feed at the following link:

I’ll be racing my qualifier runs at around 7:15pm & 8:40 pm on Wednesday the 22nd Ottawa time.

Get a first hand run down of the qualifiers course here:

Here are some pictures of the trip, for more check out our Facebook Page.

– Liam


Riding the Conveyor belt with my teammates. Credit: Sylvie Lebel


Working on bottom section, last training session before the race. Credit: Michal Staniszewski


Hiking in the Blue Mountains this past Saturday for our last day off.

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